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Ah, Brexit; easy to say, not so easy to understand.

On June 24 2016, the day after a referendum was held to determine if the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, the most Googled phrase in the UK was "what is Brexit?"

Two years since Brexit proceedings officially began, and nearly eight months after the planned exit date, plenty of people are still asking themselves that same question. As the world grapples with extensions to the Brexit deadline, new British PM's, infighting amongst MP's and the constant worry of their cup of tea going cold, we are here to help you understand Brexit, and it's effect on your travel money.

If you're like most Kiwis that are pretty confused by the whole situation, check out the articles and info below and you'll be up to speed in no time. We are continually updating our information in line with the latest developments, so consider this your one-stop Brexit shop. 

While we can't guarantee what will happen with Brexit, we can make sure it doesn't leave a dent in your holiday travel money.


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