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Sell Currency

Whether you’re a tourist in our beautiful country or have just come back from being a tourist in another beautiful country, we want you to make the most of your travel money.

Visit any store to sell your foreign cash for Kiwi dollars. The experts will happily buy most* foreign banknote from you.

*We just ask that your banknotes are in reasonable condition. No rips or sticky tape, please.

How to sell foreign currency with Travel Money NZ

  • Realise that New Zealand Dollars are much more useful in New Zealand than foreign cash is

  • Bring your foreign notes into your nearest Travel Money NZ store and find out what the buy rate is

  • Sell your foreign cash to us for Kiwi Dollars.

  • Promise that you'll treat yourself to something nice with your extra dollars

For more details on how this works, visit us in person. Our team will be happy to explain how to sell foreign currency in more detail. 

Currencies we'll buy from you

If you’re selling foreign currency, make Travel Money NZ your first stop. There are over 55 currencies we’ll happily buy from you. So whether you need to sell USD, sell euros or sell Japanese yen, we’ve got you covered. 

US dollars Great British pounds Canadian dollars Hong Kong dollars
Japanese yen Singapore dollars Brazil real Chinese renminbi
UAE dirham Euro Fiji dollar Indonesian rupiah
Malaysian ringgit Thai baht Argentine peso Barbados dollar
Australian dollar Bahraini dinar Bahamas dollar Bruneian dollar
Swiss franc Chilean peso Croatian kuna Czech Republic koruna
Danish krone Emirati dirham Hungarian forint Indian rupee
Israeli shekel Jordanian dinar Kuwaiti dinar Mauritian rupee
Mexican peso Moroccan dirham Macau pataca Vanuatu vatu
Norwegian krone Omani rial Pakistani rupee Papua New Guinea kina
Philippine peso Polish zloty Russian ruble Samoan tala
Saudi Arabian riyal Solomon Islander dollar South African rand South Korean won
Sri Lankan rupee Swedish krone CFP Franc Taiwan new dollar
Tongan pa'anga Turkish lira Vietnamese dong  


What about my coins?

There are a couple of cool things you can do with leftover loose change from your holiday. And no, ‘saving’ them at the bottom of your underwear drawer isn’t one of them.

If you know you’ll be heading back to the same country in the near future, keep your coins safe in your travel wallet. This way they won’t clutter your kitchen counter, but you won’t forget them when you fly again either.  

If you have approximately one coin of each denomination, why not store and display them in a creative way? This could make for a great souvenir of your holiday, or maybe even the beginning of a lifelong love affair with coin collecting. You never know, right?

A moment of silence for all of the foreign currency mindlessly tossed aside at the end of a trip. If you want more info on what to do with leftover currency, have a read of our blog below!