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Welcome Back Bonus

Get a BONUS rate on your leftover foreign currency

We know what it can be like at the end of your holiday! You have leftover foreign cash and you're wondering if you blow it on (often over-priced) airport gifts, OR if it can be sold back for NZD! The good news is, it can!

At Travel Money NZ, not only do we buy back leftover notes for over 50+ currencies at a great rate, but we now for a limited time have a Welcome Back Bonus available on select currencies! (Meaning, we'll give you a bonus rate when selling your foreign notes back to us for NZD!)

Which currencies do the Welcome Back Bonus apply to?

How does the Welcome Back Bonus work?

  • Purchase any of the currencies (above) in store at the advertised rate

  • Enjoy your holiday! You deserved this trip. You've had a big year.

  • Return to the same store within 90 days of your transcation with your original receipt.

  • We'll swap your leftover foreign currency notes for NZD at a bonus rate! Easy.

Welcome Back Bonus FAQs

No deal i'm afraid. The bonus rate can only be redeemed at the original store of purchase. 

We are happy to buy the other notes off you at our advertised rate. Or, you're welcome to donate it to our Small Change, Big Difference Unicef program

No stress. Visit the store you made your purchase at and your consultants will be able to look you up in the system, once they have some basic information off you.

View the full terms and conditions on our Welcome Back Bonus.