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Online Promotion Codes for Foreign Currency

Frequently asked questions

If you have recently received a promotion or coupon code to use when ordering currency on, here is what you need to know about redeeming your offer.

How do I redeem my offer?

To redeem your promotion or coupon code, you can order your foreign currency through our website at your convenience, and select your nearest store to pick it up from.

Just click on this link and select the currency you want to order. Then pick a store to collect your order from, enter your details and add in the promotion or coupon code when you review your order at the end. Please note, if the code is for a specific currency only, you must have that currency in your Basket for the offer to be valid.

Once you have entered the code, your total amount owed will be adjusted before you confirm your order and process your payment.

How long is my offer code valid for?

Each promotion or coupon code will have a specific expiry date related to that offer. Please confirm the expiry date on the coupon itself (if you have a printed version), on our website, on the email you were sent or with one of our consultants if you unsure.

What will my offer code give me?

Each promotion or coupon code will be for a different offer, so please refer to the communication received with the code, or ask instore. Find your nearest store here.

What else do I need to know?

Here are the little details you need to remember. You can only use one promotion or coupon code per foreign currency transaction. Offer codes are limited to one per customer to be redeemed online or instore.

Each offer code is ony valid for a set period of time and will expire if not redeemed by the expiry date. Each offer can only be redeemed online a set number of times. If this limit is reached before the expiry date, the offer will be made invalid on the website and you will need to ask one of our consultants about redeeming the offer instore.