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No Hidden Extras

No one likes bad surprises. Like an awkward, unexpected hidden extra you just can't quiet crop out.. We sure don't!

We prefer good surprises. Like a bonus drink with dinner or a currency exchange rate saving that lets you upgrade the rental car.

With Travel Money NZ, we'll put everything you need to know on the menu. This means no hidden peas in your mash (or unexpected fees or commission). We want to ensure you get the most of your hard earned spending money from the very beginning and throughout your holiday, while avoiding the sour taste of hidden extras.

We know money and we know travel. 

Find out the ins and outs of buying foreign cash. Or if a prepaid travel card is more your style, find out the nitty gritty here. We also can help with international money transfers, so if you're sending big or small, we can help.


Fee and commission free exchange rate terms, conditions and product exclusions apply. Only applicable on foreign cash transcations in store with Travel Money NZ. Ask in store for full details.