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Currency information

Code AUD
Symbol $
Cents & dollars - 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2
Dollars - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Expert tip

Australia is a ridiculously large country. Trying to see everything in a single trip will leave you exhausted and – quite likely – broke. So choose a specific area that interests you the most.

Whether it’s the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley Coast or the Great Ocean Road you decide on, focusing your travel will allow you to really appreciate this country’s beautiful scenery while saving some dollars on travel costs.

ATM access

5/5 stars – there are ATMs everywhere.


Australia has a ‘do whatever you want’ approach to tipping. While this custom has become more common in recent times, you won’t be expected to leave a tip anywhere. If you receive particularly good service from a waiter, taxi driver or hotel staff, feel free to round up your bill or hand over some loose change as a polite thank you.

Bargaining scale

1 star - Bargaining is impolite.

Australian shopkeepers typically aren’t interested in negotiating over prices, with the usual high-end exceptions of houses, cars and some electronic goods. Everywhere else, the price you see is pretty much the price you get.

Card access

Just about all establishments in Australia are happy to accept debit and credit cards. But it’s always a wise idea to have some Aussie dollars handy. This way, you can avoid excessive overseas transaction fees.

Consider letting your bank know about your travel plans in advance so that your transactions won’t cause them to worry that your card has been stolen or – worse – that you’ve moved to Australia.

Plan your Australian holiday budget

This nifty little tool will help you work out the actual real costs of holidaying in Australia. It's using crowd sourced data of on the ground costs, so is a lot more accurate than using an arbitrary amount to budget for each day. Give it a go!


Bus and train networks are reliable in Australia’s major cities. Single-use tickets can start to add up, but various cards and multi-pass options are usually available to help visitors travel economically. Taxis are usually readily available and typically charge around AU$1.50-$2.50 per kilometre.

Tourists travelling to the Outback or other rural areas may prefer to hire a car and drive themselves. If you do this, be prepared to pay at least AU$70 per day and beware of kangaroos hopping in front of your car (not a joke).

Pickpocket security rating

4/5 stars – Theft is rare.

Most Aussies are too busy warding off deadly creatures to bother with picking your pocket, but thefts do occasionally occur in busy urban areas. Keep your possessions close and secure when walking through city centres or using public transport.

Scammers and ripoffs

Scams in Australia are most often aimed at residents rather than visitors. A stranger asking for $2 for a “bus ticket to get home” is likely the closest you’ll get to being scammed during your trip. With that said, always exercise common sense when being offered anything – if it seems too good to be fair dinkum, it probably is.

Departure tax

There is a departure tax (or ‘Passenger Movement Charge’) of AU$55 for every person leaving Australia via air. However, this is generally incorporated into the cost of your tickets.

Visa costs

New Zealand citizens do not require a visa to travel to Australia, even though all other foreigners do.

This is Australia’s way of thanking us for the pavlova.

You will need a valid New Zealand passport and Incoming Passenger Card for immigration clearance.

By doing this, it is considered that you have applied for a visa, which is recorded electronically. Your passport will then be stamped to show the date of your arrival in Australia.

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