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NZD to TRY Exchange Rate

Code TRY
1, 5Kr, 10Kr, 25Kr, 50Kr
5, 10, 20, 50

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About the currency

Coins and notes

Turkish lira (₺) is subdivided into 100 kuruş (kr). Currently circulating coins include 5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr and ₺1. 1kr coins are very rare and probably useless (keep digging into those pockets!). Banknotes are available in ₺5, ₺10, ₺20, ₺50, ₺100 and ₺200 variations.

Facts about the currency

  • The Guinness Book of Records ranked the Turkish lira as the world's least valuable currency in 1995 and 1996, and again from 1999-2004.
  • The lira is the former currency of Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City. These countries replaced the lira with the euro in 2002. It was also the currency of Israel until it was replaced with the old shekel in 1980.
  • The Ottoman lira was introduced as Turkey’s main unit of currency in 1844, while the former currency, kuruş, remained as a 1⁄100 subdivision. The Ottoman lira stayed in circulation until the end of 1927.

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