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NZD to SEK Exchange Rate

Code SEK
Symbol kr
kr1, kr5, kr10
kr20, kr50, kr100, kr200, kr500

Buying Swedish Krona online

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Planning your trip to Sweden

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About the currency

Coins and notes

It’s pretty unlikely you’ll come across any öre coins – they were discontinued in September 2010. Since then, there have only been 3 coins in circulation, worth kr1, kr5 and kr10 a piece. There are only 5 notes beyond that, valued at kr20, kr50, kr100, kr200 and kr500.

Facts about the currency

  • Like a number of currencies around the world, the ‘krona’ translates to ‘crown’ in English.
  • A lot of Swedes are cashless – they have enough faith in their electronic systems that they never carry cash.
  • The krona is perhaps even more travelled than you – sitting as the 11th most traded currency in the world.
  • Make sure to declare anything greater than 10,000 euros (or the equivalent across any currencies) on your way into Sweden.

The rates chart demonstrates how the Kiwi dollar has performed against Swedish currency recently. After a specific rate? Just sign up for currency alerts and when the exchange rate is right where you want it, you’ll receive an alert. You are going to Sweden after all – it’s only fair your exchange rates are as stylish as you are!