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Music Festivals Around the World

14th January 2019

Planning your next big adventure for 2019? Why not spice it up by attending a music festival.

Whether you’re into the super indie tunes, heavy metal, the top 40, or you just really like glitter and not showering for consecutive days, music festivals are an amazing way to experience your favourite artists.

Below we have compiled a list of the top eight music festivals the world has to offer, as well as some handy travel money tips for each. That way you can prepare yourselves, your wallets, and your glitter covered bodies for some sweet Insta pics and some even sweeter music.

1. Glastonbury

Kicking off the list we have Glastonbury. The festival is one of the UK’s biggest, and is held on the 26th to 30th of June this year with some of the biggest names in music gracing the stage.

Luckily for you, this festival doesn’t get creative with its currency, and deals in pounds. The festival offers over 100 card readers and six ATMS. These ATMs charge a steep withdrawal fee though, so we recommend that you exchange some cash before leaving, as well as loading up a Cash Passport with some GBP.



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2. Coachella

Heading to America in April? Be sure to check out the mother of pop music festivals; The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Coachella is definitely one for the bucket list, providing amazing live music and more celebs than you could poke a stick at. This festival also sticks to their native currency, and is known for being a pretty expensive weekend. So, make sure you pack plenty of USD along with your festival outfits.



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3. Splendour in the Grass

Ahhh Splendour. The iconic Aussie music festival which attracts global artists each year. The festival held in Byron Bay is pretty self-explanatory in terms of its currency (BYO AUD).

While you can prepare yourself for the festival by bringing lots of cash, you might not be able to prepare yourself for how strong your love for Bernard Fanning will grow over the course of the festival.



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4. Tomorrowland

This one’s for the EDM lovers. Tomorrowland is one of the biggest and most beautifully designed festivals in the world.  The festival is located in Boom, Belgium, and tickets sell out in a matter of minutes.

In true Tomorrowland style, the currency is a little unorthodox.  The festival deals in ‘pearls’ (not the ones in your Grandma’s dresser), and they are expensive. €100 will get you around 65 pearls. For some context a small meal will cost between 6-8 pearls, which is the equivalent of $15-$20. You exchange your Euros for pearls once you get to the festival, and any leftover pearls can be exchanged back. So before you go, make sure you load up your Cash Passport with Euros, so you can get yourself some pearls.



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7. Lollapalooza

Probably the coolest named festival out there, Lollapalooza (not a lollypop festival) is held in seven countries. Hitting  Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, France, America and Germany, his festival uses the currency of its location.
So, once you’ve decided which amazing location you want to be in for the festival, head into your nearest Travel Money Nz store, and we’ll help you get your cash and card ready to rock and roll



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8. CMA

The CMA Music Festival is the event of the year for country music lovers, held in Nashville, Tennessee.

The festival takes place over four days in June, providing fans with all the country music they could ever need. So pack your old Taylor Swift CD’s, your cowboy boots and hat, best line dancing moves, and most importantly, plenty of USD. Yeehaw.



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5. Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival is an annual rock festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, Japan. The event features Japanese and international musicians alike.

You’ll need to stock up on Yen for this one. We recommend bringing plenty of cash (so you can buy all the ramen you want/need). Don’t forget to load up your Cash Passport with yen for bigger purchases like tours or bulk band merchandise.



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6. Defqon

Am I the only one who has gone their entire life thinking this was called ‘Death Con’...?

Defqon Festival is held in the Netherlands, Chile and Australia, so you can catch it here or head overseas. The festival plays mostly hard-core techno, house and trance. If you’re planning on going to Aus for it, we'll hook you up with some AUD,  if you go to the Netherlands, we’ll be able to get you plenty of Euros, and if you’re in Chile for it, we’ll make sure you’ve got plenty of Chilean pesos.


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If any of these festivals strike a chord with you, make sure you head into your nearest Travel Money Nz store where our experts will make sure you get the currency you need. We also offer Rate Guard, so if your rate improves within 14 days of purchase we will refund you the difference*. In other words, you can worry less about what exchange rates are doing and spend more time learning the lyrics to all of your favourite songs.

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