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What $250 looks like around the world

7th September 2019

Some people love planning a holiday. Nothing fills them with more joy than the prospect of hours of research and a murder-mystery type corkboard with holiday inspo. Others, however, cringe at the thought and are happy to put their head in the sand, allowing someone else to take care of everything.

One element that strikes fear into the heart of most, though, is organizing the dreaded travel budget. How much is too much or too little? Will you have enough to afford your travel style and bucket list items? How much do things even cost overseas?

At Travel Money NZ, we hear you loud and clear. Thankfully, travel budgets are our forte. If you like speaking to a human, feel free to head into any of our stores and chat with our experts. They’ll be able to map out a daily budget, help you divide your currency between cash and travel card, like the Cash Passport Premium, and ensure you’re taking off with exactly what you need.

If robots are more your thing, or you’d rather just budget from the comfort of your couch, why not give our online budget planner a crack.

Alternatively, if you’re still in the dreaming phase and are trying to pick a destination, we’ve put together a little guide to how much $250 will get you around the world. Why $250? Well, it’s what you’ll need to unlock your holiday with the Cash Passport Platinum.

What does $250 look like around the world

In beer...


In Big Mac meals...


In Coffee...


In public transport trips...

 *Price based on a one way trip

In bottles of water...


Please note all prices are based off Numbeo data and were calculated based on the exchange rate available on Travel Money NZ's website on September 1, 2019. 

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