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Leave your ex at the airport this Valentines Day

11th February 2019
As February 14 approaches you will generally see two types of people:
Type 1: Loved up and in a relationship, planning Valentines Day with one too many Instagram selfies hashtagged  #couplegoals
Type 2: Anti-Valentines day. Either scared by an ex or simply in a long term relationship with no time for the hype, and expense, of Valentines Day. 
At Travel Money NZ, we’re a bit of both. Whilst we are softies that love a good Hugh Grant movie, we too are slightly bitter from our experiences with an ex… Though perhaps not the ex you are probably thinking (we’re a company, it’s not possible for us to have a relationship). 
No, we’re not talking about meal deals that promise 10 nuggets and only give you 9; our ex is airport exchange rates. 
If we’re being honest we are still a little bitter about them, which is not ideal at this time of year. That’s why, this Valentines Day, we are hoping to catch the travel bug instead of the love bug. We don’t want to leave out the Type 1’s either, so why not celebrate your love by travelling the world! That’s #couplegoals if ever we’ve seen them. 
We did some very accurate* research on the average cost of Valentine's day for a couple in New Zealand. 
*Look, they are pretty solid guesstimations based on previous experience and some local restaurant deals. You get the point though. 
What did we learn from this? 
  1. Cards are grossly overpriced.
  2. Coming in at an average of $380, Valentine’s Day is E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E. 
Let’s just say you decide to save that $380 and put it towards a holiday. We’ve had a look at how much you would get exchanging that $380 at an airport, compared to purchasing from Travel Money NZ. 
As you can imagine, speaking to our ex was pretty traumatic, but the overall experience has really taught us that we truly are better off without them. 
See, we told you! Airport rates are the worst. This conversion doesn’t take into account their service fees or commissions either (don’t worry, Travel Money NZ doesn’t have those). 
It shows that, just like a relationship, you shouldn’t settle for what’s easy. Sure, it’s convenient to purchase your currency at the airport, but it comes at a pretty major cost.
A little bit of research (or in relationship terms, social media stalking), combined with the ability to talk about what matters most to you (Best Price, Cash Commitment or Rate Guard?) will leave you with more money in your back pocket and an urge to start a long term relationship with Travel Money NZ. 
So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your ex and swipe right on your new flame.  With over 165 stores across Australia and New Zealand, as well as a web store open 24/7, we’ll be there whenever you need us. 
Just like Aladdin, we promise that our relationship will show you a whole new world. From chocolate tasting in Belgium, scuba diving in Thailand and picnics under a sparkling Eiffel tower, there really is no better relationship than the one you’re about to start with us. 
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Travel Money NZ rates are quoted from and are valid as of 11 February 2019. Airport rate was quoted over the phone with Travelex at Wellington airport on 11 February, 2019 at 12:00pm