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The Travel Money NZ Valentine's Day gift guide

11th February 2020

This time of the year means something special is in the air. For some, it may be love, for others, it is a mist of mistrust and scorn for fallen lovers. Who knows. Either way, Valentine's Day is upon us in all of its rose-filled, chocolate giving, love-pun making glory. 

Regardless of what your current love life looks like, Travel Money NZ has the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you and your respective love, lust or like. Forget about red roses, candlelit dinners and cards with questionable puns about love bugs, camel humps and trains that choo-choo-choose you; we've taken a fresh new approach to Valentines Day, so all of your bases are covered. 

Honestly, you'd be surprised how much romance and innuendo one can pull out of foreign currency and travel accessories. So, without further ado, dive into our gift guide to find the perfect gift for your Valentine.

For boujee baes (or those with allergies)

Want to give a bouquet, but worried flowers are too mainstream? Perhaps you're not sure if they are a rose or peony type person? Or is your lover just allergic to every flower under the sun? Too easy, swap the bulbs for a bouquet of money. 

No, seriously, stock up on your currency of choice and make some origami money flowers with one of the many YouTube tutorials out there. Not only will your lover be cashed up and ready for your next holiday, but you'll be getting a bounty of brownie points after going to all of that folding effort. 

Top tip - choose red notes like the 100,000 IDR for your flowers to pop like a rose. 

For the friends with benefits or a casual fling 

After a gift that says 'I like you enough to think of you on Valentines Day, but I also like other people as well'? Oh, have we got the solution for you. Gift your booty call or casual fling a Korjo travel adaptor. Strange, we know, but hear us out. Travel adaptors have lots of different plugs that fit a few different holes from around the world. This gift says 'I like you enough to get you a gift, but we're both open to different plugs and holes.' Capiche? 

You're also encouraging them to travel, which is the greatest gift of all. Look at you, thoughtful and letting them know where you stand about the agreement. A metaphor like this makes you a modern-day Shakespeare. 

For the lover that is ready for a ring

Decided your Valentine is 'the one' and need to drop some not so subtle hints about taking the next step and buying a ring? Buy them a travel insurance policy

Yes, a travel insurance policy. The peace of mind you get from a travel insurance policy is a metaphor for the safety and security you feel in marriage. Nothing says 'let's take the next step and commit to a fulfilling life together' like a travel insurance policy. Your significant other is bound to get the hint. Bonus points if you write the travel destination as 'our future together'. 

For the single lads and ladies in need of a pick me up

Valentines Day can be tough for the single lovers among us. Instead of crying into a single serving of carbonara in front of a rom-com while stroking your cat, head into your local store and get yourself a Cash Passport. Load up that shiny black plastic with cash and treat yourself to a holiday. You don't need no woman or man to be fulfilled. Go out and explore the world. 

Feel empowered yet? Good. 

For the long-distance lover

Our heart goes out to the long-distance lovers this Valentine's day. Bridge the distance and send your love a little somethin' somethin' (aka an international money transfer) so they can treat themselves on you. 

Feeling extra cute? Why not send the exact amount of your anniversary. For example, if your anniversary was Valentine's day 2019, you could send 140220.19. If you send it as Indonesian Rupiah, that's just over $15 Kiwi dollars. Affordable and thoughtful - unless they aren't in Indonesia in which case it's kinda useless. It's the thought that counts, though, right?

For the breakup

Ouch, a breakup on Valentines Day? You're ruthless. No judgement from us, though; set that little bird free and move on to bigger and better things. 

If you're after something to help break the news (and the relationship), gift your soon-to-be-ex with a euro and pound. Just like how the UK left the EU, your notes are a sign of the Brexit of your relationship. 

For the lover that 'can't afford a holiday'

Convince your boo how affordable a little escape can be by filling out our holiday budget planner and printing it out as your Valentines Day card. Your lover can't say no after you've put so much work into the budget, right? Be sure to include the most important budget calculation at the top:

You + me = holiday now

For the travel fiend 

Chances are one of you has some leftover foreign cash floating around somewhere. Bring it into your local store and sell it back to us for some Kiwi dollars. Now you can buy them something cute or invest that NZD into your next holiday as a couple.

For everyone else

Still stuck on what to get your Valentine? Perhaps you don't have the coin to buy a physical gift? No worries. Sign them up to the Travel Money Club! This lucky lad or lady will now be blessed with quality content in their inbox a few times each month (not too much, we're not that clingy) and they'll be in the running to win a $500 Cash Passport each month!! Wow, this sounds like the best gift of all if you ask us. 

If your Valentine hates their gift, don't blame us. If they love it though, we take 100% of the credit please and thank you. This blog is provided for information only and does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs.  You should consider whether the information and suggestions contained in any blog entry are appropriate for you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.  While we take reasonable care in providing the blog, we give no warranties or representations that it is complete or accurate, or is appropriate for you. We are not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise, arising from use of, or reliance on, the information and/or suggestions contained in this blog.