Best Apps for Managing your Budget

Gone are the days of tracking your holiday expenses with pen and paper, keeping a mental mind-map of what you've spent so far, or even using a calculator to add up your daily spend. All you need these days is a smartphone or tablet and some handy apps and managing your travel money budget becomes a cinch!

But what apps should you use? We've reviewed the best budgeting apps for travel, and created this handy guide for you with five of the best apps to track your travel spend.


If you have a pre-paid Multi-currency Cash Passport™ then a must-have is the handy app that you can connect to your travel money card. Using touch ID for a fast and secure sign-in, this app lets you see a real-time view of your travel budget balance, instantly transfer money between currencies as needed, reload your card if you're running low on funds, monitor your transactions and spending while on holiday, and manage your personal and card details on the go.

There are heaps of great benefits to using a Multi-currency Cash PassportTM to manage your holiday funds too, including the ability to load up to 9+ currencies and being able to lock in your exchange rate the day you load*.  Find out more about here

Available: iOS, Android, Web

Cost: FREE



The Mint app is an all-round money managing tool, and is a popular personal finance managing tool. With very little input from you, you can track your bank account in real-time, see the big-picture view of your finances, stay on top of your transactions, see your income and expenses and follow the progress of certain goals - like savings for a holiday.

Primarily a tracking tool, it is probably handiest pre-holiday with helping you reach your savings goal for your holiday. While on holiday you can then use it to track your spend, but there are some limitations in this area as you can only track by category.

Available: iOS and Android.

Cost: FREE



Concur is not the best app for leisure travel, but if you travel frequently for business then this is a definite recommendation. Concur lets you keep track of all of your expenses so that you can show your company what you're spending and claim a refund if you're owed one.

You can upload expenses reports, take photos of your receipts and attach them to the report, and then submit the report from the app and send it to your expense approver. It takes the hassle out of lots of little paper-receipts in lots of little places, and helps you keep track of your businesses expenses.

Available: iOS and Android

Cost: FREE



This app can connect directly to your bank accounts, so while you're travelling you can always have access to your current transactions and account balance. From the home screen, you can immediately see how much money is in your account, your income and your expenses.

So, if you're using your regular bank account for your holiday spend, you can connect the app to that account to keep on top of what you're spending on the go.

Available: iOS, Android, web

Cost: FREE



This app is a travel budget and expense tracker that makes it easy for you to keep track of a daily budgeted amount for your holiday. For example, if you're going to New York for 7 days, and you have a budget of US$100 per day, you can add these details into the app, and then add your expenses as they happen (in categories).

The app will then tell you how much of your daily budget you have spent and which  categories you may be over or underspending in.

If you're visiting multiple countries, you can divvy up your budget by country, or keep it simple and stick to categories. You can also convert your expenses to your own currency to have a better idea of what you're spending in AUD.

Available: iOS

Cost: Free for the first 25 items, in-app purchases available


With apps to help you reach your savings goals, to apps that can keep track of your daily budget and spend while on holiday, you'll have all aspects of your holiday money sorted before, during and after your trip! And of course, if you're interested in getting a Cash Passport travel money card, or need help with sorting your foreign currency for your holiday, our FXperts are here to help. Just visit us at your nearest store and let us look after you!


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