Best Price Guarantee

As of 1 March 2017, the Travel Money NZ Best Price Guarantee replaced the former Best Rates Guarantee. For more information on the Best Rates Guarantee, please click here.

Any price, we'll beat it!+

With our Best Price Guarantee, whether you are buying or selling your foreign currency, we guarantee to beat any New Zealand competitor's overall foreign currency transaction price by $1NZD, or we will give you $100NZD+. Our guarantee applies to all the foreign currencies traded at Travel Money NZ. 
What do we need from you?
Simply bring us an official written quotation or show us a published price available to the public from a competitor, on the same calendar day and before making any transaction. Visit us in store for full details or read the terms and conditions below.
+Terms and  conditions apply. Travel Money Currency Exchange Pty Ltd trading as Travel Money NZ.

+Terms and Conditions:

  1. Travel Money (NZ) Limited (“Travel Money”) guarantees to beat any competitor’s overall price of exchange by the equivalent of $1NZD or we will give you $100NZD. The rate of exchange is based on the overall (total) transaction cost and includes, but is not limited to, fees, charges, commissions or levies charged on the transaction.
  2. A competitor is defined as a New Zealand registered business or website.
  3. In the instance Travel Money is unable to beat a competitor’s quote, the customer is entitled to receive the equivalent of $100NZD payable in the form of a Multi-currency Cash Passport™. Should the customer already hold a Multi-currency Cash Passport, the funds will be loaded on to their existing card. The Multi-currency Cash Passport is a financial product and as such has terms and conditions associated with its issuance and use. These terms and conditions can be viewed in the product disclosure statement (PDS) available online at or in hard copy at any Travel Money NZ store. Only one Multi-currency Cash Passport can be issued per customer in total.
  4. A practical example of an instance where Travel Money NZ may not be able to beat a competitor’s price is when the competitor’s rate is more than or equal to 5% better than the rate at which Travel Money NZ buys its wholesale currency for.
  5. Proof of the better price must be provided by official written quotation from the competitor, or must be published as an available rate to the general public on the provider's website or marketing materials. The competitor must have the currency quoted in stock and available to complete the transaction on the day the claim is made.
  6. Quotations must state the specific time and date of the quote and be given to us prior to making a transaction to allow comparison in real terms against the current days opening mid-market rate. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to verify the quote electronically, in person or via telephone with that provider.
  7. Due to the daily fluctuations of the rate of exchange a ‘Best Price’ claim can only be made on the same calendar day to ensure a fair and consistent competitor comparison.
  8. 'Lowest cost', 'Best Price', ‘Overall Transaction Price’ and 'Best Rate' are defined as the lowest "real cost" charged for a transaction at any given rate. This includes fees that other providers call 'Fees', and fees that are hidden in the rate mark-up. So in other words, for a given exchange rate, Travel Money NZ will guarantee the maximum amount of foreign currency paid out (or vice versa in the case of foreign currency buy transaction).
  9. The best price guarantee applies to competitors who are deemed to be foreign exchange retailers / Bureau De Change operators whether online or from a physical location. It does not apply to a competitor’s quote based on exchanges made using foreign exchange derivative products, or available via foreign exchange trading products whether online, in person or via a broker.
  10. Should an instance occur where a customer finds a variation in exchange rate between the Travel Money NZ website and a physical store location, or between various Travel Money NZ locations, the best price applicable within that comparison will be offered to the customer.
  11. The best price guarantee only applies to buy and / or sell transactions of foreign currency notes. MoneyGram, Multi-currency Cash Passport and Cover-more Travel Insurance are excluded from the offer.
  12. Competitor quotations must be available to a member of the general public and not exclusive to a closed user group.
  13. The maximum claim (exchange transaction value) a customer may make under the best price guarantee is $5000NZD or its equivalent in foreign currency at the competitor’s price, which is being beaten.