The US government shutdown and its impact on Kiwi travellers

15 January 2019
In case you haven’t heard all about it, the US government has been in partial shutdown since 22 December 2018, after President Trump failed to se

7 Things that Cost More than Data Overseas

5 September 2018

Scared of blowing your travel budget by accessing the internet overseas? International roaming is a lot more affordable than you might think.

Avoid Hidden Extras in Southeast Asia

29 May 2018

Southeast Asia is warmed by an inviting ancient charm and sunshine that favours its perfect beaches.

Avoid Hidden Extras in the UK

29 May 2018

There are hundreds of things to embrace in the UK, like Big Ben, royal guards and a pint of Guinness.

Avoid Hidden Extras in Europe

29 May 2018
Europe is full of hidden gems, like the incredible Colosseum in Rome and the soaring Eiffel Tower in Paris!

How to Avoid Hidden Extras in the USA

29 May 2018
Ah… the USA, the land of the fee (and the free).  The United States is a favourite travelling destination for a reason, with endless strips of ro

6 Best Ways To Carry Money Overseas

2 August 2017

We all want to keep our money ‘mine’y.

Top 8 Tips for Saving Money on International Bank Fees

5 May 2017

When you're travelling overseas, using your regular debit or credit bank card to manage your travel money often seems like the easiest option.

Tips for Sending Money Overseas

22 February 2017

International money transfers allow you to send and receive money from all over the world. But, which way is best?


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