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No fees, no hassles

We know what you want to avoid when buying foreign currency... Fees... Hassles... and Game of Thrones spoilers.

...we can actually only guarantee the first two... we're big GOT fans!

Anyway, the point is, with us, our foreign currency is FEE & COMMISSION* free when you buy online and in store, and we'll always be hassle free... we'll never be as complex as a Game of Thrones storyline!

By hassle free we're talking about how...

  1. We'll give you expert advice, always. (You checked out our new Holiday Budget Planner?)
  2. Buy online 24/7, or in any of our 20+ stores nationwide.
  3. We'll always have our top currencies in store, or you'll get up to $100* - we call this our Cash Commitment
  4. With our Rate Guard, if you buy in store, and the rate changes in your favour within 14 days, we'll give you the difference*
  5. If you purchased a Cash Passport Platinum and lose it overseas, you've got 24/7 Emergency Assist 

And this was just 5 x things that came to mind as we're writing this!

Ready to buy? Get it done online, or in one of our 20+ stores.

*Fee & commission free exchange rate terms, conditions and product exclusions apply. Only applicable on foreign cash transactions. Merchants fees may apply in store and online depending on your payment method.  Click here for full Cash Commitment or Rate Guard terms and conditions. 

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