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Foreign Coin Collection Program

What is Small Change, Big Difference?

Small Change, Big Difference is a foreign coin exchange program that allows individuals to donate their unwanted and unusable foreign coins to support the Lion Club's ‘Heads Up For Kids’ initiative.

We believe that, right now, there are millions of dollars in foreign currency and unusable coins lying dormant in homes and offices across New Zealand. Instead of stashing your leftover currency in a drawer and forgetting about it, why not donate your foreign coins so that they can be put to good use?

Many people believe that a few dollars, baht or euros is not enough to make a real difference. However, each coin contributes to a bigger fund that can help benefit Kiwi Kids across NZ.

Last year these coins contributed to:

  • Spirit of Adventure funding
  • Sir Edmund Hilary survival courses
  • wandatrak devices
  • Tomatis Therapy listening courses
  • school camps, zeal courses and Blue lights

Travel Money NZ and Heads Up For Kids have united to establish collection points for unwanted and unusable foreign coins, so that you can make a big difference with your small change. Heads Up For Kids collects coins from any country and can convert it into donations to help Kiwi Kids across NZ.

You can deposit your foreign coins at any Travel Money NZ store to donate today.