Multi-currency Cash Passport


Your Cash Passport

Overseas or online, your Cash Passport will let you access your travel money around the world. You can load multiple foreign currencies on to one card, including NZD, AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, HKD & SGD*.

Plus, you can lock-in the exchange rate available at the time you load your card so you always know how much you have in foreign cash^.

Cash Passport can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard. It can also be used to withdraw foreign cash from ATM's that display the MasterCard acceptance mark and you will not be charged international ATM fees on withdrawals~!

Convenient and easy to use. It makes sense to take a Cash Passport with you on your next trip. 

How do I get my Cash Passport?

Find your nearest store and place your order with a Travel Money Expert.

Find out more - send us an email or call us on 0800 732 294.

By proceeding I agree to Travel Money NZ's terms of use and my personal information being handled in accordance with Travel Money NZ's Privacy Policy.

Need more travel money on your Cash Passport card? You can reload at a Travel Money NZ store for FREE. 

Alternatively, you can do a bank transfer or set up a Bill Payment (fees may apply) within My Account.

Cash Passports Currencies

Flag of AustraliaAustralian Dollar AUD
Flag of the USAUnited States Dollar USD
Flag of the European UnionEuropean Euro EUR
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom Pound GBP
Flag of New ZealandNew Zealand Dollar NZD
Flag of CanadaCanadian Dollar CAD
Flag of Hong KongHong Kong Dollar HKD
Flag of JapanJapanese Yen JPY
Flag of SingaporeSingapore Dollar SGD

Get your Multi-currency Cash Passport

Travel Money NZ makes it easy for you to buy your Cash Passport in any of our 20+ stores across New Zealand.

You can give us a call on 0800 732 294 for more information, or find your nearest store and visit us today. Just bring at least 2 forms of ID with you and we will help you with the rest.

There is NO initial card fee when you order a Cash Passport card from one of our stores, and you will also receive a FREE second card to use on your trip.


The benefits of a Multi-currency Cash Passport

It's safe

You won't be carrying wads of cash around with you, and your card is chip and PIN protected for added security.

It's convenient

You can use your Cash Passport at over 35 million locations worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark.

You can also withdraw cash from the local ATMs.

Get expert support

With your Cash Passport, you also get 24/7 Global Assistance, so no matter what time zone you are in or where in the world you find yourself, you can get the help you need should you lose your card, it gets stolen or you can't access your money.

Available in multiple currencies

You can load up to 9 foreign currencies on your card - USD, NZD, GBP, EUR, HKD, CAD, SGD, JPY & AUD*.

Plus you can transfer money between the currencies (called "purses") if you need to.

Easy to reload

You can easily add more funds to your card if you need to, either instore, online or via Bill Payment.

Comes with a free app

So you can check your balance and manage your travel money on the go, no matter where you are in the world.


Need help?

If you have need assistance whilst travelling, here are the contact details for the Cash Passport 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance Centre.

Please call the number of the country you are visiting:

  • New Zealand - 0800 444 691
  • Australia - 1800 098 231
  • Hong Kong - 800 966 321
  • Japan - 00532 780 221
  • South Korea - 07798 4434 1279
  • Thailand - 001800 442 212
  • UK - 0800 056 0572
  • USA/Canada - 1 877 465 0085
  • Other countries - +44 207 649 9404

Fees & Limits

To make it easier to understand the fees, charges & limits involved with a Cash Passport, we have compiled these for you:

  • Secondary card - FREE
  • Replacement card - FREE
  • International ATM withdrawal fee - FREE*
  • Reload fee - FREE instore**
  • Closure Fee - $10
  • Monthly inactivity fee - $4 per month

Cash Passport Conditions

The Multi-currency Cash Passport is an unsecured debt security issued by Travelex Card Services Limited, a member of the Travelex Group. Multi-currency Cash Passport is not guaranteed by any member of the Travelex Group or any other entity. Before you make a decision to acquire a Multi-currency Cash Passport card, we recommend you to read the Multi-currency Cash Passport prospectus which is available free of charge from MasterCard® and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. Before you load or reload foreign currencies onto the MCCP, please check for the latest currencies supported. Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider if it is appropriate for you. 

*The currencies available may change from time to time. Before making a decision to acquire the card, please check for details of the available currencies. **Free reload is only applicable to foreign currency reloads. A fee of $10 minimum, or 1% of the reload amount, will be charged for NZD reloads. ^The prevailing exchange rate is locked in for the initial load value only. Subsequent card reloads will be processed at the then prevailing exchange rate on the day of the reload transaction. ~Some ATM operators may charge an additional withdrawal fee.