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Planning your overseas trip and researching some tips? Or maybe you’re just about to fly out and need some travel money advice and destination costs so you know how much $$$ to take with you? Whatever travel stage you are at, our Destination Guides are sure to help you out. Click on a country below for FXpert tips, ATM access information, pick pocket security ratings, transport and accommodation costs, and so much more!

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Convenient and easy to carry around, a pre-paid Travel Money card is simply a cash card that you can pre-load with a number of different foreign currencies.

How does it work?

A Travel Money card not only takes the hassle out of carrying cash overseas, but it also allows you to pre-load your foreign currency in advance so you can lock in the exchange rate*.

  • Simply buy a card at any of our stores and load it with a foreign currency into a "purse". You'll get the exchange rate available at load-up time*
  • If you need more than one foreign currency, load them all on the one card and they will be stored in separate "purses" so you know how much money you have in each currency^
  • Use your card overseas at ATMs, at retailers or online. The amount you spend is simply deducted from the currency held on your card, from the "purse" of the currency you are spending
  • Re-load your card at any time, and even add more currencies, or transfer money between "purses"^