Rate Guard Terms and Conditions

In the event that the exchange rate of an eligible foreign currency improves with 14 days of the original purchase, Travel Money NZ  will pay customers that added Rate Guard to their transaction the difference in the exchange rate into their nominated bank account.

1. Rate Guard can only be added to purchases of Eligible Currencies for cash in store, at the advertised store exchange rate (the "Board Rate") at the election of the Customer, subject to these terms and conditions and excludes load transactions for Multi-currency Cash Passport or Key to the World Currency Card. The Board Rate is exclusive of all fees, charges, commission or levies.

2. Rate Guard can only be added to a transaction when the Customer has purchased an eligible foreign currency being US Dollars (USD), Great British Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Fijian Dollars (FJD), Thai Baht (THB), Japenese Yen (JPY), Singaporean Dollars (SGD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), or Chinese Yuan (CNY) in cash ("Eligible Currencies").

3. Rate Guard is available at participating Travel Money NZ stores only.  

4. Rate Guard cannot be added when ordering foreign currency online via travelmoney.co.nz.

5. Rate Guard only applies when purchasing an Eligible Currency, it cannot be added to transactions where Travel Money NZ are purchasing a foreign currency from the customer in exchange for New Zealand Dollars ("NZD").  

6. The period covered by Rate Guard applies from the date of the original transaction to midnight of the 14th calendar day following the transaction date (the "Claim Period"). 

7. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to amend Eligible Currencies at any time without notice. Pending Rate Guard transactions will be honoured during the Claim Period.

8. Where a Customer presents a claim (in writing or verbally) that there has been an improvement in the Board Rate as at the date of their claim against the Board Rate at the original date of their transaction within the Claim Period (the "Rate Guard Claim"). Rate Guard Claims can only be submitted by a Customer and processed by a Travel Money NZ team member in the store in which the original purchase was made and upon presentation of the original sales receipt with the Rate Guard reference detailed in  the transaction.

9. Amount of the Rate Guard Claim cannot exceed the NZD amount of the original transaction amount. 

10. A Rate Guard Claim only applies to a maximum of  NZD$5000 of each Eligible Currency transaction.

11. Rate Guard cannot be purchased in conjunction with our Best Price Guarantee or Best Rate Guarantee.

12. Only one Rate Guard Claim may be redeemed per Eligible Currency transaction. Multiple Rate Guard Claims within the Claim Period will not be accepted.

13. A Rate Guard Claim will only be honoured for the original Customer. Valid ID may be requested by the Travel Money NZ consultant.

14. Rate Guard Claim amounts will be deposited into the original Customer's nominated bank account within seven (7) business days. Rate Guard Claims cannot be provided in cash, credit card or via EFTPOS on the day the Rate Guard Claim is submitted.

15. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the offer of Rate Guard during large impact global events causing major disruptions to global currency markets that exceeds a 5% change between Board Rates.

16. In the event of a large impact global event causing major disruptions to global currency markets, a Rate Guard Claim will be honoured for changes in Board Rates up to 5% changes but not exceeding this.

17. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to withdraw the offer of Rate Guard at anytime without notice. Pending Rate Guard transactions will be honoured during the Claim Period.

18. Rate Guard is available to Customers for personal use only. Foreign currency wholesalers, other financial institutions or currency providers cannot add Rate Guard to any purchase. Travel Money NZ consultants reserve the right to refuse transactions that they suspect are not for personal use.

19. These terms were last updated on 15 September 2017.