Cash Commitment Terms & Conditions

1. Cash Commitment can only be applied to purchases of Eligible Currencies for cash in Travel Money NZ stores, at the advertised store exchange rate (the "Board Rate") at the election of the Customer, subject to these terms and conditions. The Board Rate is exclusive of all fees, charges, commission or levies.

2. Cash Commitment can only be used when the Customer has requested to purchase an Eligible Currency being US Dollars (USD), Great British Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), Australian Dollars (AUD), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Fiji Dollar (FGD), Thai Baht (THB) and Singapore Dollars (SGD)  in cash ("Eligible Currencies") and that store does not have the requested stock available at the time.

3. Availability refers only to cash stock availability and is not subject to availability due to the store being closed or any other form of availability.

4. Cash Commitment cannot be added when ordering foreign currency online via

5. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to withdraw the offer of Cash Commitment at any time without notice subject to pending Cash Commitment transactions being honoured.

6. If we fail to honour our Cash Commitment, a customer can pick between one of two options:

A) Receive a Cash Commitment BONUS amount:

NZD 20 BONUS when you spend between NZD 200 and NZD 999 equivalent on a transaction
NZD 50 BONUS when you spend between NZD 1,000 and NZD 2,999 equivalent on a transaction
NZD100 BONUS when you spend over NZD 3,000 equivalent on a transaction.

A customer must make an instant deposit and revisit the store once the currency is in stock in order to receive a BONUS amount on their ordered currency. This is a minimum of 5% of the total transaction value. If a customer cancels their order after paying a deposit, they will forfeit their deposit and BONUS amount.

A customer will receive confirmation of their deposit and their BONUS amount in a physical printed receipt form. 

Cash Commitment BONUS maximum payout is limited to NZD 100 per transaction. There is no limit on the transaction value (subject to  KYC and EDD requirements).


B) A Cash Commitment VOUCHER, which is to the value of NZD 20 and is valid for 6 months from the receipt date. 

The voucher will be provided in physical receipt form.
7. A customer can only collect their ordered currency and BONUS amount, or use their VOUCHER in the store they originally visited and received the offer from. 

8. Cash Commitment cannot be used in conjunction with our Best Price Guarantee, Best Rate Guarantee or Rate Guard.

9. A customer can only apply one BONUS and/or VOUCHER to a future currency transaction.

10. Travel Money NZ reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the offer of the Cash Commitment during large impact global events causing major disruptions to the supply of an Eligible Currency to our stores.

11. Cash Commitment is available to customers for personal use only. Commercial operators such as foreign currency wholesalers, other financial institutions or currency providers cannot utilise the Cash Commitment for any purchase. Travel Money NZ consultants reserve the right to refuse to apply the Cash Commitment to transactions that they suspect are not for personal use.

12. These terms were last updated on 09 October 2017.